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Vision Statement:

Brother's Keeper SCI seeks to provide support for individuals of all ages who have sustained a spinal cord injury.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of Brother's Keeper SCI, after a spinal cord injury occurs, to provide education to and mentoring for individuals, their families, and the general public as necessary due to life changing event of a spinal cord injury. In doing so, we intend to increase awareness, especially in youth, about the prevention of traumatic accidents and avoidance of violence likely to cause spinal cord injury. Therefore it is our goal to assist individuals who have experienced a spinal cord injury to successfully achieve the greatest possible participation in all aspects of living. We continue to look for all opportunities that will provide possibilities for individuals living with a spinal cord injury to return to productive and meaningful lives within the community.

Brother's Keeper SCI


Brother's Keeper SCI

Now Cain talked with Abel

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